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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why buy from AASK Garage Door Service?
A: AASK Garage Door provided dependable service to the Freeport, IL area for many years. In 2009, the business was acquired by Durand Garage Door Service which was founded in 1998. We have the experience it takes to address your needs and a track record to prove it.

Q: What brand of doors and openers do you sell?
A: We sell and install C.H.I. doors from GDS, an authorized CHI distributor. All of our doors are made right here in Illinois. We sell LiftMaster openers, another Illinois based company.

Q: How do your doors differ from home improvement store doors?
A: Our doors really speak for themselves. A big difference is in panel construction. All of our doors are 2" thick and constructed to prvent any flexing from occurring vs. some of the competitor's 1-3/8" thick doors. The biggest difference though is in the performance of the door. We only use a conventional torsion spring setup that will last for many years compared to the "EZ" type spring systems sold by home improvement stores. We frequently convert them to conventional torsion springs. All of our doors come standard with 10-ball bearing nylon rollers that make the door very quiet to operate and can be serviced. The competion uses a bearingless nylon roller that does not roll with ease and cannot be serviced.

Q: How do your openers differ from home improvement store openers?
A: We only sell LiftMaster openers that come with a solid T-rail front to back that will not flex up and down. Our openers are a full chain drive with a solid steel trolley vs. some of the plastic trolleys that can crack or strip out on a screw drive. The overall design and materials used in our openers will give you a product that lasts for years.

Q: My door has two springs and one is broken. Do I need to replace both?
A: In most cases both springs are the same age and have had the same amount of stress. When one breaks the other spring is usually not far behind and costs less to replace both than to change each spring individually.

Q: My door has dangerous extension or stretch springs, how can I make it safer?
A: Generally we can install safety cables, which are cables that attatch at two solid mounting points and are routed through the center of the spring. If a break were to occur, the spring stays on that cable preventing it from flying across the garage potentially causing harm to vehicles or people in the garage.

Q: I bought a door or opener from a home improvement store, can you install it?
A: We only install products that we sell because we have no control over the lower quality of home improvement store products. In the end the customer is often unsatisfied with the product they purchased.

Q: What is your service area?
A: We service a wide area around Freeport, IL and Monroe, WI. Cities in our service area include: Brodhead, Cedarville, Dakota, Davis, Durand, Forreston, Freeport, German Valley, Juda, Kent, Lake Carroll, Lake Summerset, Leaf River, Lena, McConnell, Monroe, Orangeville, Pearl City, Pecatonica, Ridott, Rock City, Seward, Shannon, Stockton, Warren, and Winslow.

Q: I have a door that is only a couple of years old from a home improvement store and it doesn't work well. Can you fix it?
A: In most cases it is due to the type of spring used, whether it be an "EZ" type torsion spring or extension springs. We can convert your door to a conventional torsion spring setup that greatly improves how the door works by allowing it to work with ease and relieve unneeded stress on the hardware and opener.

Q: My door will only go up a few inches and stop.
A: This is a very common symptom of a broken spring that we can replace.

Q: Will you sell parts to me to install myself?
A: We will sell some parts, but will not sell springs to a customer due to the danger of installing them. Please contact us to let us know what you need.